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4 Oct

Jack O Lantern- No matter how young or old your kids are you can have a great time together as a family making Jack O Lanterns. Here are some ideas for those of you with younger kids that don’t want to leave them out of the pumpkin fun!

Mr. Potato Head Pumpkin- Sure you can go and buy the Mr. Potato Head Pumpkin parts- which are really just Mr. Potato Head parts on steroids, or you can do it like us and use your regular Mr. Potato Head parts. Just get a smaller pumpkin and poke some holes in it where the body parts go. I usually use a screwdriver to make the holes. Then let your child put the parts in and create a Mr. Potato Head Pumpkin.

Paint it Up- You can grab some stencils and let your kids use them to make pumpkin faces. Sponge paints work great with pumpkins and you can cut shapes out of inexpensive sponges. You can also buy glitter paints or glow in the dark paints.

Your Little Sweetie- Candy is a fun way to decorate your pumpkin. Twizzlers make nice hair, and Chiclets gum are wonderful teeth. Gumdrops, Gummy worms, and Starbursts all are great to use. Soft chewy candy works best, you can secure them with long straight pins or toothpicks. Be sure to put the pumpkin somewhere safe if you use pins.

Cut it Out- Find a few magazines and clip some pictures of eyes, ears, mouths and other fun things.This is a fun inexpensive way to decorate safely.

Do you have any fun decorating pumpkin ideas?

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