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DoveA few weeks ago, I received an email from Jenny (who writes Mommin’ it Up,) inviting little ole me to get a FREE mani, pedi, and chair massage! Dove Ultimate Deodorant sponsored the event and also sent us home with a free deodorant! I was so excited to be a part of the event not only because it was FREE “me” time, but because it involved Dove deodorant.

I am brand loyal to very few products, but Dove is the one that I am most loyal to! I have really sensitive skin, and it has been the only deodorant that didn’t give me a rash. And let me just say, it is “the pits” to get a rash there! (Yeah, I just said that!) Anyway, I love Dove, wether they send me to a day at the spa or not, and I think they have a great product!

Dove sent Amy and I to Tudor Salon and Spa to be pampered with fabulous manicures, a nice foot soak and pedicure, and then a glorious chair massage! It was heavenly! We were able to just sit around and chat with fellow bloggers Jenny, Emily, Katie, Kate, Tricia, Andrea, and Elizabeth. It was a wonderfully relaxing day! (And, my pits were fresh the whole time!)

Dove was not only nice enough to give us moms a little break, but they are spreading the love “coupon-style!” Here is a coupon for $1.50! Thank you, Dove!! And thank you, Jenny, for letting Deals for Dayton come along!!


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