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30 Mar

So how do you like the redesigned blog? I LOVE IT! Antistatic Design did such a great job making it so functional and fun.

Just in case you still are having a hard time figuring things out around here, here's a little tutorial.

The Different Pages: The Home page is all the posts that we have written, it shows them as they are posted. Fun Stuff, Events, and Eats are all posts that have been on the Home page (or are still there) but they fall into these specific categories. Be sure to check out our Calender for events going on, for many of them we will post a detailed description in a post, but some of them will only be on the Calender so be sure to check it often!

Finding Posts: Search will search specific words in our posts, while Categories will show you what different posts have been "filed" under.  These are both good ways to find information that you remember seeing and can't seem to find it on the Home page.

Email Signup: Right now we don't have a newsletter that goes out and shows our daily posts, but we are working on sending out our Weekly Update for our readers that have signed up to for our email signup.

Ok, where did it go?: So that it is easy for our readers to find stuff on our blog once an event or coupon has expired the post will "disappear." We figured that there was no need to keep expired posts that make it harder to find stuff when searching. But if there is something that you can't find or a question to have feel free to use the Contact form to reach us.

Is there something else on our site you are having a hard time with or just have a comment for us? Be sure to share it in our comment section at the end of each post. We LOVE to hear from our readers, even if it's just to say Hi!

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25 Mar

Jockey and Purex (1/30/12)
Adrianna- adriannaperfetti@...

COSI: Dora and Diego Let's Explore (11/11/11)
Jennifer- jen_bateman@...
Betsy- shoberpants@...

Chuggington Traffic and Safety (11/4/11)
Celia- celiaremmons@...

Spring Into Learning (9/27/11)
Christy- charming82@...

COSI: Dinosaurs- Escape. Explore. Survive (7/1/11)
Jodie- jayodeeeyee@...
Nikki- martinfamily9807@…

Kettering Rec Center: Adventure Reef (7/1/11)
Tami- acleanmanor@...
Jennifer- jen_bateman@…
Laine- laine@…
Allison- allie6335@...
Debra- davalko@…
Amy- undeservedlove@…
Gretchen- gretchenmiraglia@…
Cindy- cindy.battelle@…
Su- sunela@…
Tishauna- tishauna@…
Meg- lovepeace0206@…
Adam- ahth27@…
Erinne- erinnefullam@…

Paperreka Custom Cards (5/19/11)
Abby- abbygarman@...

$25 Fazoli's Gift Card (5/10/11)
Erin- erineh@
Su- sunela@

Little Debbie Cloud Cake Prize Pack (3/28/11)
Jerry- jcornel630@
Veronica- veronicabrownheim@
Jeanette- jeancherven@

Lulee's Lollies (3/25/11)
Jonelle- jonelle.utt@

MacTown iPad and iPhone Cases (3/20/11)
Dedra- dlpeed@
Leah- leahsmoon@
Tricia- tricia@
Erinne- erinnefullam@

LEGO Ninjago Mini Set(1/2/11)
Becky- dellgirl1@....

Carmex Prize Pack(12/1/10)
Brittney- thecanadyfamily@...

Fall Family Beauty Kit(9/29/10)
Erinne- erinnefullam@

Good Earth Dinner Kits (7/18/10)
Amy- amy.george77@

Yoplait Smoothie (6/21/10)
Jessi S

Pillsbury & Pictureka Game Night Pack (5/7/10)
Christie- ropp.5@....

Pair of Quack Backs (4/30/10)
Abby- abbygarman@...

DiGiornos Pizza and Breadsticks and $5 Gift Card (4/10/10)

Brooke- bhuber1@....

$10 Victoria's Secret Gift Certificate (3/25/10)
Lori- wrestlemom2@....

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Well, not only does Sonic have a Half Price Happy Hour, so does Steak and Shake! Monday thru Friday from 2-4pm they have Half Price Happy Hour. You can get your favorite Milk Shakes, Freezes, Malts, Coca-Cola soft drinks or even a Root Beer Float for half price! Yum!

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SonicOne of our readers, Errine Fullam, reminded me about Happy Hour at Sonic. How could I have forgotten?! Every day from 2-4pm they have half price drinks (this is for fountian drinks and slushes). I'm so glad that there is one near our house now, and I can't wait for the weather to warm up.... Anyone else with me?!

Right now they have a special offer running too. When you purchase a SuperSONIC® Cheeseburger you get a FREE* medium order of crispy Tots. Limited time only.

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House PartyThere are several new House Party events that you can apply for right now. Two of our readers, Tami Rogers and Allison Walton, let me know that they got accepted for the Digornios Champions Party. There are several other House Parties right now that they are not accepting applications for, but you can sign up to receive an email when they start. If you don't know about House Party be sure to read our previous post about it.

STOUFFER'S Toasted Subs Celebration- April 11

Green Earth, Green Up- April 24

NABISCO 100 Calorie Delicious Living- April 10

Red Baron Mom's Party- May 8

NABISCO Little Taste of Summer- May 15

Let us know if you get accepted for a party!

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Chick-fil-aSo did any of you sign up for the Chick-fil-A Text Deals? Today I got my first text from them. It is a coupon text valid 3/12 from 10:30am-8pm for ONE FREE 8-Count Nuggets- NO PURCHASE NECESSARY! Wow, I had no idea that they would send out an awesome coupon like this.We are definitely heading out there for lunch today! So you better sign up today too, who knows what they will send next.

Did you sign up? What coupon did you get?

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Books and CoBooks and Co at The Greene is having story time at 10:30am on Tuesday. They actually have story time every Tuesday year round, or as long as the bookstore is open. We love going and Ms. Ann does a wonderful job with the kids helping them feel welcome and have fun! I'm bummed that we can't make it right now because of C being in school, but we can't wait until we can go back again.

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Quaker Steak and Lube in Beavercreek now has Military Appreciation Monday. Just show your military ID to receive 10% off your meal and your kids will also eat FREE (up to 4 free kids meals)!

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Chick-fil-aWant to be in the know for Chick-fil-a? Well the Chick-fil-a at the Dayton Mall has started sending text alerts. Text CFADMALLMOM to 411247 to receive freebies and special events to the Dayton Mall Chick-fil-a. You can also sign up on their site to receive Insider Alert, but if you sign up online those are NOT specific to the Dayton Mall location (you will get different texts).

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