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26 May

Like meDid you know that Deals For Dayton has a Facebook and Twitter page? Well, we would LOVE for you to be our friend/ fan/ like us (whatever it is now!) there too! We do occasionally post deals there exclusively or reminders about deals during the week. So be sure to follow us! While you are there be sure to say "Hi" because we get so excited when we hear from our readers. Seriously, it is the BEST day when we get to talk to our readers- online or in person! So please come be our friend.

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The Centerville Farmers Market is returning again! The Market is every Thursday, May 27-October 28, from 1-6pm in the parking lot of Cross Point Vineyard Church in Centerville. You can find locally grown produce, organic meat, bakery items and much more! It's a great way to help local farmers and businesses in the Dayton area. They always have a great selection of food and other items. Have you ever been? What do you love to find at the Farmers Market?

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Enjoy the RideFor all You Huggies Enjoy The Ride Rewards Program members, I have some new codes to share with you!

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5 points

Also, you can watch videos or participate in polls to earn even more points. They just updated their prizes and there are some great new ones!

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3 May

I have SO many friends right now that are either expecting or have just had a baby. So in honor of all you new Mommies and Daddies or soon to be parents this is for you!

There are lots of companies that send out great coupons, and information to new parents. I personally never used formula, but I always signed up for the samples and would give them to either friends or you can donate them to a Women's Center also. PS- I promise that to the best of my knowledge that these are REAL links for the freebies and NOT for junk mail- I took the links directly from the sites.

Enfamil Family Beginnings- up to $250 in free coupons and samples
Similac Strong Moms- formula coupons, samples and pregnancy newsletters
Members's Mark- formula sample
American Baby Magazine- free magazine from Parents Magazine (just smaller and FREE) lol!
Baby Talk Magazine- free magazine from Parenting Magazine (just smaller and FREE)
Gerber Childrenswear- coupons and promotions for Gerber childrenswear
Gerber- coupons and newsletters to for baby's stages of life (one of my favorites)
Pampers- coupons and samples, be sure to read our post about their Gifts To Grow program
Huggies- coupons and samples, be sure to read our post about their Enjoy the Ride program
Juice Juice- get a free sippy cup and coupons
Beech-Nut- e-newsletter with coupons and feeding tips- they also have a Free Starter kit you can sign up for, although I never got mine I know people who have.
Earth's Best- coupons
Baby Center- Get BabyCenter's free email newsletters that allow you to track your baby's development week by week and includes articles on important health and safety topics handpicked for your particular stage of pregnancy. You'll also receive valuable coupons, sale notices, and free offers from BabyCenter and our partners.
Motherhood Maternity- ask for your gift bag when you make your first purchase, full of coupons and local offers
Target Baby Registry- receive a bag in store with Target and Manufacturer coupons, samples and more (there are some GREAT offers and coupons included)

Are there other's that you know of that we're missing? Let us know!

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Have you heard about Groupon? You can purchase services or gift certificates for different business establishments for greatly reduced prices- up to 90% in fact! The deals change every day, so if you think you want an offer it's better to buy it sooner than later- items also can sell out if you wait too long. Check the "Recent Offers" tab to see what offers have been available for your location in the past. (Some of the "Recent Offers" for Cincinnati have been from- florists, massages, dentists, resturants, handyman services, skydiving classes)

It's completely FREE to sign up for this program. They email every time there is a new offer in your area, which is only a few times a week. The only catch is that there have to be enough people wanting to buy the "Daily Deal" before it is activated. So when you find a great deal share it with your friends! If you "BUY" an item and not enough people sign up, the deal is cancelled- you will not be charged for cancelled deals.  This is a great program that lets you try out that restaurant or business that you've been wondering about or a quick fun gift for a friend. If you like getting discounts on entertainment you better sign up now! (And for those of you with iPhones- there's an app)

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Ritters Frozen CustardDid you know that Ritter's Frozen Custard in Ohio hosts a Doggy Day Out the first Monday of every month? Head over to Ritter's Frozen Custard on the first Monday of the month and they will give every dog a free scoop of vanilla custard and a doggy biscuit. There is always a HUGE turnout for this event, just please be sure that your dog is on a leash! So get your pups and go get some custard for everyone! (This event is year round.)

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