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ProfiileHi, my name's Amy and I live here in Dayton, OH with my amazing husband and two sweet little boys. I'm a stay at home mom and am always looking for ways to help save money for our family. I enjoy going out and doing stuff, but sometimes that can get expensive especially with a family of four. So I would try to find inexpensive or free events for us to enjoy as a family. My friends always joke that if there is a freebie I probably know about it, I love a good deal and I love sharing them with others. There were times that I felt like I would find these AMAZING deals and NO ONE else knew about them. So I decided that this was my way to get the word out.

My husband and I own a small business and understand what it's like trying to get your name out there. Word-of-mouth marketing is so valuable and I want to help other local businesses to get people to know who they are too. I want to help local small businesses to be noticed, reach their audience and advertise.

There is only one me, this site is for my readers and if there are deals that you know about that I've missed or you have a favorite place, deal, restaurant or event please feel free to send me a message! Hopefully with the help of my readers this site can be a great resource for locals and visitors alike to Dayton.

I know there are probably other places that you could go to get some of the information I post so I really appreciate you! Thank you for coming here and supporting us!