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Step2 Ohio State WagonIt must have something to do with getting older but the older you get the faster time seems to fly by. I'm pretty sure I just got married only a few years ago or at least JUST gave birth to my sons. But somehow I'm already celebrating my 10 year wedding anniversary with my sweetheart and wishing a happy birthday to my 3 and 7 year old boys. Although I really enjoy how as your children grow up their skills and personality develops too. And one thing never seems to change, little kids (especially 2-3 year olds) enjoying being independent. That is the case with my now 3 year old. It's amazing, interesting and sometimes humorous to watch his mind work and see how he figures things out. Sometimes simple thing like opening and closing a latch or a filling up a bottle with tiny objects can fascinate him for almost 30 minutes. And with a 3 year old- almost 30 minutes is GOLD!

Step2 Ohio State Wagon

So, here's what happened a few weeks ago. The doorbell rang and both my boys ran to the door and quickly informed me that there was a HUGE BOX outside! Upon further inspection they inform me that it's an Ohio State wagon from Step2, and as my 7 year old told me, "we like Ohio State AND we live in Ohio!"  (He has even told a few strangers when we are on vacation when they asked him where he is from, "I'm from Ohio State." Not quite buddy, but close.) A few minutes later the wagon contents of the box are strewn across the living room and my 3 year old tells me at this point, "don't worry Mama, I help you make it." Thank goodness, crisis averted, I won't have to put together this easy to assemble wagon by myself. Instead it will now take 2 times as long now because he will promptly carry pieces off as he tries to help. At least his heart is in the right place and he's willing to help. After about 45 minutes and a hunt for a hidden wheel the wagon was completed and my helper now had decided to sit in the wagon.. inside the house.. in the hallway... where it won't turn the corner because of how he has it wedged in.

Being completely honest, we had a wagon already, but when Step2 asked me to review their Ohio State wagon I just couldn't turn down the chance to review an OHIO STATE wagon! I already had my opinion of our current Radio Flyer wagon. It has two little seats and buckles, it's simple but that didn't bother me and I honestly liked it. Well, after several minutes of watching my "helper" easily open the door, close the door, sit down, hide his cup in the cubbie, then use the cup holder I realized how much better I LOVED this new wagon. First, the door; it has a DOOR; our Radio Flyer wagon has no door so there is always my fear that some child will flip the wagon trying to get in or out because they have to climb over the side to get it. It opens and closes easily and that alone was fascinating to my son. Then there are 2 cup holders. Not just 1, so the two kids inside have to fight over it- TWO cup holders- everyone gets their own. And the little storage compartment in one of the seats is just the right size for a diaper or wipes so that you don't have to worry about carrying them or even worse- forgetting them! And the "best" part? it's scarlet with a cute little grey door and the official Ohio State logo right on the front! To be an Ohio State fan with a wagon that gets people to cheer OH-IO or GO BUCKS what could be more fun?!

Oh and the HUGE box, if you have kids you know how much fun they can have with any box. Well the box had it's few day in the sun - until trash day. But my boys did play pirate hideout in it and my youngest even tried to convince me that it was his new Ohio State bed. Hmm, an Ohio State bed.. maybe that's something else new that Step2 could work on. I'll keep you posted if I hear anything about that next!

Disclosure: Step2 sent me the Ohio State wagon and box that my kids played in to review. But this post and the opinions belong to me and were not paid or influenced by their product.

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