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Cooper Big Bear HughAppy Monday folks! Sorry I’ve been gone for a few weeks on my hAppy Monday posts, but I’m back today. So, my favorite app today is actually a category. My boys always want to play on my phone and for the most part I don’t mind. I would rather if they are doing something on it that it be a little educational if I can help it. That being the case- I have TONS of books on my phone. Here are a few of my favorite ones.

Timmy Tiptoes: This classic Beatrix Potter story with original illustrations is a great way to introduce your kids to this lesser know story. This book has been designed so that it reflects the original styling of this classic children’s literature book but in a fun new way.

Three Little Pigs Storychimes: The story of the three little pigs with a few fun changes. Kids have the option to read or have the book read to them. These remind me of the books on tape I used to listen to that said “you know it’s time to turn the page when you hear the chimes ring like this, ‘ring.’” There are several other Storychimes book available for free.

Cooper’s Big Bear Hug: This Hallmark book is meant to paired with the Cooper interactive Story Buddy. It’s a tale of a sweet bear that wants to show his mom how much he loves her. You can record your voice so that you can read it to your child, even when you aren’t there. The Cooper Story Buddy responds as the narrator reads key phrases in the book. We don’t own the Cooper bear, but my boys like the story still. There are also Watson the Racoon and Jingle the Puppy books available right now.

Ladybug BookshelfLadybug’s Bookshelf: This is from Ladybug Magazine and comes with one free book called “Three O’Clock on the Farm.” You can also buy other books from them to add to the collection. This book is for 2-6 year-olds with clever animations and hidden surprises.

Snow White: This is the story of Snow White in an interactive Pop-up book. Each page can be rotated so that you can see all sides of the page. This book is currently FREE, but I’m not sure for how long. I just downloaded it today and only looked at a few pages, but was impressed with the detail on each page.

There are TONS of great kids books avaiable that you have to pay for, but there are some of my top free ones that I like. And don’t forget all the free iPad book apps too.

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