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What's On?Today’s hAppy Monday is brought to you by the letters T and V. My app this week is because I’m too cheap to buy the paper or cable. I never know what’s on, or if my favorite shows are new that night or not. So I have What’s On? to help me out. You can find out what’s on TV right now, when your favorite shows are on next and what’s playing in theaters! It makes it simple to find something to watch. You can also mark your favorite shows and movies and then see when What's Onand where they are playing, push notification reminders for your shows about to start, eve get the latest news on your favorite actors, TV shows, movies and more. I like that I can customize my channel list to only be channels we have, quickly browse what is one, then with one tap I get the details about the show. It’s helpful too when we go to my Mother-in-law’s house that I have her channels on my phone and check out what cartoon are on for the kids without having to go through every channel. Then I can switch back easily to the channels that we watch when we get back home. Because it’s free there are ads but the convenience of the app far outweighs the ad annoyance to me.

Do you have a favorite app that you’ve found? Please let us know!

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