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CardStarhAppy Monday folks!

Do you have more customer loyalty, rewards or membership cards than you know what to do with? You know… Kroger, Panera, Toys R Us, CVS, Sephora… the list goes on. Our app this week is CardStar. CardStar is a simple way to organize all your cards all in one place. All you have to do is choose the merchant, library, hotel, gym, etc and enter your card information.

CardStar screen shotIt’s so nice to have all your cards in one place instead of having to bring all the tiny plastic cards EVERYWHERE. Most stores are able scan the bar-code off your card too. There are the few times that they can’t actually scan the barcode but they can still enter in the card number off the app. Either way, the value of NOT having to carry around all those tiny cards that I’m constantly losing is worth that small issue. It’s the perfect marriage of customer loyalty cards and your mobile device. Here is the exciting thing I realized about CardStar while writing this post. When you load certain cards (ie- my Sephora card in the picture) it will show you deals that might be available from that store. Just click on the Deals button on the far right and check out all your deals (see how mine shows “4” on the Sephora card). Then follow the directions to use the deal provided. Some of the deals are even exclusive to CardStar app users. My Regal Theaters card gives me advance ticket purchasing capabilities when I show them the card on my app. This app is also available for Android and BlackBerry devices.

Do you use CardStar? Or maybe you have another favorite app that you can’t live without. Let me know and I might write about your favorite app next!

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