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EvernoteDid you get one of the new Verizon iPhones? If you are anything like me when I first got my iPhone I was continuously looking for any apps that would help me save money, entertain my kids, or make my life easier. For all of you iPhone users out there I’ve decided to start a new little segment called… are you ready.. hAppy Monday. It’s happy, but app-y. Honestly I make myself laugh sometimes. I’m going to go through some of my favorite apps for you. Some of them will help you save money, some will help entertain you, and some will keep your kids quiet for just a moment when you need a break. If you have any favorite apps feel free to let me know, I might even write about yours too.

Evernote ScreenOur app for this week is Evernote. It’s a notes program that lets you capture written notes, snapshot notes or voice notes all in one place. It stores your notes and will sync with Evernote online or can even be downloaded onto your desktop. This makes it easy to access your Evernote almost anywhere. Another feature I like is that you can categorize your notes into folders and have the option to share your notes with others that use Evernote. You can add tags to your notes making it easier to search quickly though several notes if need be. I enjoy the ability for quick access to my notes, but it can be synced to another device like my laptop makes it easier to take notes and then have access to them later. I think that the sharing feature is pretty convenient too. My only compliant is that if you are somewhere with bad service then you can have a bit of a hard time accessing your info.

Besides the obvious general note usage here are my two main uses for the app. First, I keep a running list of gift ideas, these are gift ideas for myself or for others for Christmas or birthdays, because every year I can’t seem to come up with a Christmas list. But, now with Evernote when I see something I like I just open up my Evernote and write it in. Another thing I’ve use it for often is to keep tabs on things that I’ve borrowed from friends, mainly baby items. I will write a list of the items or even take a snapshot of the stuff and then when it comes time to return those baby outfits there isn’t any wondering.. “is this our outfit or someone else’s.” This is also available for Android, iPad, Palm Pre, Palm Pixi, Windows Mobile, and BlackBerry devices.

Do you use Evernote? What do you use it for? Or maybe you have another favorite app that you can’t live without. Let me know and I might write about your favorite app next!

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