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teething BlingSo my youngest is teething... I see it as a good and bad thing. I'm excited that he's getting teeth and it means he's growing up. But he is a BEAR about getting teeth in. Although I can't blame him I remember how much it hurt when I got my wisdom teeth in. He seems to get a bunch all at once so he's drooling and sticking everything in his mouth. Well, I was so excited when I found Teething Bling. Their website is actually, and WOW are these some SMART moms! 

I haven't been wearing much jewelry lately since he almost broke my favorite necklace and my silver bracelets all have teeth marks in them from him now. I put my new Teething Bling on and guess what happened!? Two seconds later B already had my necklace in his mouth. Good thing is that this time it is made specifically for his biting teeth!!

Teething Bling was inspired by babies who tug on our jewelry. Their products are made from high quality, phthalate-free, federally approved silicone. The materials are non-toxic, latex free, food and dishwasher safe. They have several fun pendants and bangles, and are always working on new products. Be sure to follow them on Facebook for frequent giveaways, stock updates, and updates on new products.

Right now it seems like I know TONS of newly pregnant moms, but I'm thinking that Teething Bling is the perfect baby shower gift! It's something for the mom that fun and something that's practical for the baby. My mom was always one for practical gifts, and I've become that way too now. Well, here is a special coupon code for 20% off for all our readers. Just enter S-SMJ at checkout for your 20% off.

Have any of you gotten Teething Bling for your own baby or purchased it for a gift? We'd love to hear about it!

I was given a Teething Bling set for my review. I was allowed to keep the products, but the opinions in my review are all my own.

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