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26 Oct

So, for those of you who are like me and always looking for deals, let’s talk about Halloween deals. Now, even if you don’t celebrate Halloween, you can still score on many of the deals that are going on. There are a few restaurants that sell coupon books full of coupons to hand out to kids. These typically only cost $1 and have AMAZING coupons inside. Just remember to read the coupons carefully since many of them expire in a month and aren’t valid until November 1. So don’t “stock up” on them if you aren’t going to use them, too much of a good deal can still turn into a waste if you aren’t careful.

LaRosa’s- $1 for 6 Free Kids Meals Coupons

McDonald’s- $1 for 12 various Free Kids Items (I found these over at McDonalds by Best Buy at the Fairfiled Mall)

Frisch’s- $1 for 8 Free Kids Meals Coupons

Skyline- $1 for 8 Free Kids Meals Coupons

Chipolte- dress up in a costume inspired by the family farm and receive burritos for $2 ( Think: cows, pig, chicken, tractors)

If you know of any other Halloween coupon book deals please let us know!!

Plus several different locations offer Halloween Trick or Treating. Be sure to come back next week and check out our other Halloween deals we have for you!

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