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If you do any shopping at Kroger, the Kroger Plus Card is a must-have. It is a loyalty card that provides you with discounted prices, and other benefits. You can find the application at the customer service desk. It is a short form to fill out, and it is completely free. To get the best use from your Kroger Plus Card, you can also load e-coupons to your card. When you have e-coupons loaded to your card, the savings comes off automatically when you scan your Plus Card at the checkout. Here are the places to get e-coupons:

If you go to the site linked above, and register your information, you can choose various coupons to load to your Kroger Plus Card.

Cellfire is very similar to shortcuts, only you can also load coupons to your cell phone to use. You do not have to use the cell phone coupons, you can just load the e-coupons to your Kroger Card, if you want.

On Kroger’s site, you can find coupons to print and load onto your Plus Card. (Use the top link for a direct link to the e-coupons.)

Other benefits of the Kroger Plus Card:

Fuel Rewards
If you use a Kroger gas station, scan your Plus Card to get $.10 off per gallon or more, (depending on how much you spend in store.) Kroger has also recently teamed up with Shell to offer a $.10 discount. It sounds like you have to go in and tell them you want to redeem your fuel rewards, and then scan your card. I haven’t tried it yet, but here is more information about it.

U Promise
U Promise is a college savings program designed for yourself or your children. You register your information, (including loyalty card numbers.) Then, you load “e-coupons” onto your cards. When you buy certain products, instead of that amount coming off your grocery bill, it is put into an account for college. (I highly recommend it!)

Now, go load up those coupons!!


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