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CinemaSeatMost parents know that mixing a toddler and a long car trip can be a recipe for disaster. When we headed to the beach this summer we decided that our iPad 2 was a perfect way to help pass the time for our 2 year old on our 12 hour drive. Our problem is that we don’t have a in-car DVD player, we really wanted to use the iPad2 so that he could watch a cartoon or two on our way there. So, we headed to our ever trustworthy friend, Griffin Tech to see what options they had available. Our result? The CinemaSeat. This simple case helped turn our iPad into the best in-car entertainment system that our van had ever seen!

Wide, adjustable straps that go around the headrest (actually around the bars)
Several access points that make it easy to reach the volume, headphone jack and other buttons while in the case.
Sturdy case and frame construction
Mesh pocket on back of case to store headphones or various cords


While it sat nicely on the headrest it was a little difficult for anyone not sitting directly behind the CinemaSeat to see the screen. This isn’t a fault of the CinemaSeat but more an issue with the shape and size of the iPad screen. Although I like how easy it was to put the iPad in and out of the case when it was in use. Since we have a Honda Odyssey we were able to balance the case on the hand bar on the back of the seat it was attached to. I did wonder how high or low the case would sit in a vehicle that doesn’t have anything to support the bottom of the case. If I could make one change I wish that there was a way to strap the case between the driver and passenger seat so that we could use it in the middle so that both kids could easily see the screen. My conclusion: with it’s solid Griffin frame it is the perfect option for our DVD-less van, or any DVD-less vehicle for that matter. It makes it so that our kids can easily watch a movie while we travel and with the headphone jack readily available it’s nice to think that I really don’t HAVE TO listen to them watch another episode of Chuggington again (while in the van at least). So, if you are also DVD player-less in your vehicle for only $25 on the CinemaSeat is a perfect option. Trust me we’ve tried the “shoestring” option too, but now this way I can rest assured that our iPad is secure! On a side note, I also like that we can easily use this in any vehicle that we want and all we have to do is strap it onto the headrest and we are set.

PS- Please notice that we are watching the much loved Toy Story movie on our iPad snug inside the CinemaSeat.

Disclosure: Griffin Tech provided me with our CinemaSeat mentioned above. But this post and opinions are my own and not paid for or influenced by the item provided. To read their reviewer policy be sure to check out

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