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About a month ago we went to Toys R Us and learned that they have new exciting LEGO sets called Ninjago coming out to Toys R Us on January 1, 2011. I've got to admit I was pretty impressed with these new LEGO sets. They are a LEGO game and a set all in one. They seemed a lot like spinning game behind Beyblade spinners, but the fun and creativity of LEGO. The legend tells of how the First Spinjitzu Master created the world of Ninjago using the mystical powers of Fire, Earth, Ice and Lightning. There are now four young ninjas that must be trained in the ways of Spinjitzu to help save the world from Lord Garmadon and his evil Skeleton Warriors.

Ok, so onto the giveaway!! We are giving away a 11 piece set that builds a Ninjago sword display, a Ninjago sticker and black Ninjago headwrap. Plus we have an exclusive coupon to receive a limited edition Ninjago Battle Card with any Ninjago purchase between 1/2/11- 1/29/11. (Toys R Us will also be running this offer If you spend $30 or more in LEGO Ninjago during the month of January at Toys R Us, you can also receive the limited edition Ninjago Battle card and a card album.)

So how do you enter? You can get up to 3 entries. And you KNOW you want to win this because who DOESN'T want FREE LEGOs?!

- Leave a comment about this giveaway

- Leave a comment somewhere else on the blog, then come back and leave a comment here telling us you did

- Follow us on Facebook then leave a comment telling us

This giveaway ends Sunday, January 2 at 9pm EST. We will use to choose our winner. This giveaway is for local readers.

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14 Dec

So there are lots of deals floating around Facebook, here are a few that I like. In order to get most of these coupons you need to "like" the companies to gain access to them. Do you have any deals that you know about on Facebook? Be sure to let us know.

National Deals

Gerber: There are 3 coupons right now on their page.
Buy One Get One Free Baby Cereal
$1 off 3 2nd Foods purees
$1 off 3 3rd Foods purees

Wendys: Play Fry-For-All to share free fries with your friends and have a chance to win other prizes.

Crayola: Various coupons
$3 off Crayola Beginnings Color Me A Song
$3 off Crayola Color Wonder Sound Studio
$2 off Crayola Glow Board
$3 off Crayola Glow Dome
$3 off Crayola Glow Station Day & Night
$2 off Crayola Model Magic Presto Dots to the Max
$2 off Crayola Glow Explosion Spin Magic
$4 off Crayola Pop Art Pixies

Hasbro: Various coupons for Family Game Night
$5 off: Funglish, Cranium Scribblish!, Scrabble Flash or Pictureka!
$5 off: Electronic Catch Phrase, Taboo, The Game Of Things or Trivial Pursuit: Bet You Know It
$5 off: Elefun, Gator Golf, Hungry Hungry Hippos or Pop Goes Froggio
$5 off: Bop It! Bounce, Sorry! Spin, Twister Hoopla or U-Build Battleship

Local Deals

Mactown: Catch the last 6 days of their 12 Days of MacTown Holiday Specials. Every night at 9pm they post a riddle hint about the next sale. The first to answer the riddle correctly will win a free giveaway. All you have to do is guess the correct answer either on Twitter or Facebook.

Gap/Gap Kids at The Dayton Mall: Be kept up to date on exclusive local deal. The last one they did was for Buy one item get the second at 60% off. Not to bad!

Melting Pot in Centerville: They are currently running a Festive Fondue Giveaway for the next few days. Just be one of the first 60 to reply to their daily question to be entered to win a $25 gift card. Yum!

Dayton Mall & The Mall at Fairfield Commons: Both Malls will keep you updated on events and various coupons for stores in the mall.

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IKEA Ikea is having Kids Eat Free every Friday for kids 12 and under. No purchase necessary. Kids can enjoy up to 3 different kid-sized meal items. They also have free coffee everyday before 10am! We love going to IKEA and letting our 5 year old play in their FREE playland while we get a some time to wander around and shop.

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3 Nov

LEGOSo I'm sad that there isn't a LEGO store near us. Well, there is one in Cincinnati, but to drive there every Tuesday just to snag a few free LEGO's isn't always worth the drive. Not to say we haven't done it before.... C LOVES his LEGO, so I'm always on the lookout for them. For those of you with LEGO lovers in your home as well, I found a few deals for you!

Borders is having a LEGO Atlantis event this Saturday, you can read our previous post for more information.

Target has new gift cards, I found some near the greeting cards today, that have a little "Build a Bulls-eye" kit of LEGO. You do have to put a minimum of $5 on the card, but we quickly and easily spend that at Target. Besides you can get the card and then use it to pay for any other items in a separate transaction.

You can also always subscribe to LEGO Club Magazine for a free 2 year subscription. This magazine is full of comics, games, puzzles, new products and many other fun things. Select your country on the far right of the page. If your LEGO fan is age 6 or under, you can sign up for LEGO Club Jr. Magazine instead. This magazine includes stories, games, simple models to build and more. Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

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Barnes & NobleBarnes and Nobles now has a book club for kids 12 and under that’s fun, free, and full of rewards. Here are some of the great deals that you and your kids can get just by becoming members of Barnes and Noble Kids Club. You can join the Kids’ Club, at your local store, or sign up online by clicking the “FREE! Join Now” button here.

30% off the list price on any one kids’ book or toy

$5 reward for every $100 you spend on kids’ stuff online and in stores. (Up to 4 rewards every year)

Birthday Offer: FREE cupcake from the Barnes & Noble Café, and a FREE create–a–book project on

Monthly email newsletter with additional offers and savings. 25% off every day on books created by your child on

Looking for more kids deals? Be sure to check out our list of birthday freebies for children.

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