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3 Nov

LEGOSo I'm sad that there isn't a LEGO store near us. Well, there is one in Cincinnati, but to drive there every Tuesday just to snag a few free LEGO's isn't always worth the drive. Not to say we haven't done it before.... C LOVES his LEGO, so I'm always on the lookout for them. For those of you with LEGO lovers in your home as well, I found a few deals for you!

Borders is having a LEGO Atlantis event this Saturday, you can read our previous post for more information.

Target has new gift cards, I found some near the greeting cards today, that have a little "Build a Bulls-eye" kit of LEGO. You do have to put a minimum of $5 on the card, but we quickly and easily spend that at Target. Besides you can get the card and then use it to pay for any other items in a separate transaction.

You can also always subscribe to LEGO Club Magazine for a free 2 year subscription. This magazine is full of comics, games, puzzles, new products and many other fun things. Select your country on the far right of the page. If your LEGO fan is age 6 or under, you can sign up for LEGO Club Jr. Magazine instead. This magazine includes stories, games, simple models to build and more. Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

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